/wp-json/wp/v2 return Error 1020: Access Denied

I try to update my wordpress but goot this error " Updating failed. The response is not a valid JSON response".

I check my /wp-json/wp/v2, and find out that it return Error 1020: Access Denied

I check my firewall, but find I was blocking thi URI.

I removed it and ad a new rule that allow http:// domain . com /wp-json/wp/v2 , the error still here.

Does anyone knows how to fix that, so I can actually update page on wordpress.

Hi @dominique,

In which case, it should still show I’m the firewall log, so you can see the rule that is triggering it and modify it accordingly.

Do you have the Wordpress WAF rules enabled perhaps?

Thank for your guidance.
I found the way to fix my problem.

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