WP installed on Blog.Domain.Com - Concerned About DNS


Simple q here. Added WP to subdomain blog.domain.com w/ Cloudflare plugin, and regular site is not built on WP, but other CMS. Domain hosted at Godaddy.

If I update my DNS in Godaddy will it bring the site down, since WP is only installed on subdomain?


Hi there!

Sorry for the delay in replying, just going through old posts to see what no one else has replied to!

If I understand you correctly, as long as you have the correct DNS records in Cloudflare for both the main domain and the subdomain, they shouldn’t affect each other when you change the nameservers. Just make sure that you copy across any DNS records that Cloudflare doesn’t find automatically.


Thanks for the reply. So if the main domain doesn’t have wordpress on it (or the corresponding Cloudflare plugin) and the plugin lives only on the subdomain, changing the nameserver won’t cause an issue for the site?


It shouldn’t affect it, as long as the DNS records are correct. You do t have to use Cloudflare on the main domain if you don’t want, you can set the DNS record to :grey: and just leave the subdomain as :orange: if you want.

Ideally, you should have a certificate on your server and set your SSL mode in Cloudflare to Full (strict).

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