WP hosting on Namecheap and DNS on Cloudflare native cert

I have my registrar with Namecheap and DNS with Cloudflare and created a site with Elementor for Wordpress on Namecheap, but I can’t get their native SSL cert without changing my DNS nameservers over from Cloudflare to Namecheap. Is there any way around this? I’d like to keep everything the same, including my nameservers on Cloudflare, or rather, custom DNS pointing to Cloudflare while registrar is Namecheap. Are there better solutions? Am I missing something? I don’t want to use a custom cert if I can avoid it.

Neither if you have unproxied :grey: (DNS-only) DNS records or by using “Pause Cloudflare for this Site” option from the CF Dashboard (right corner) for some time, then retrying to issue it from their interface? :thinking:

Namecheap does offer SSL certificates too, but they cost so …

Maybe to use Cloudflare Origin CA Certificate in this case? :thinking:

Yeah, I should have mentioned my only option is to make a custom cert with Cloudflare then apply that custom cert to the Wordpress/Namecheap site through their custom cert option. Thus not able to use the default one.
I was hoping to avoid this little bit of complexity but it seems like that’s my only option.
I didn’t know of that link so I appreciate you sending me that.

I applied the Cloudflare cert to Namecheap WP site but it’s still not https. The cert is for browsers too or just CDN?

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