WP Gridbuilder not working due to Cloudflare

I am using WP Gridbuilder which I installed on an Elementor Hosted website that is still being built. The jobs/posts archive functionality was working okay until recently - filtering was working, sorting was working, pagination was working. Suddenly it stops working - sometimes when I clear the cache it works, but then going back to the page and it doesn’t filter, it’s sticks, pagination doesn’t work, etc. I wrote to the plug in support who replied the following:

“Your issue is not related to the update of WP Grid Builder. Nothing changed on the frontend regarding how scripts are enqueued. Also, on your site, Cloudflare defers WordPress inline scripts that have dependencies. This means that it will break any plugin or theme that is compliant with WordPress and uses inline scripts to add dependencies (like JS variables, for example). Your hosting company can turn off this feature from Cloudflare. Cloudflare provides settings for that. Thank you.”

I contacted Elementor who says they cannot do anything or cannot manage settings from their end, so I am stuck as to what to do. Elementor Hosting has Cloudflare and I don’t know if it’s an issue with Elementor, Cloudflare, or WP Gridbuilder.

Any help would be appreciated. Btw, I’m not technical. Thansk.

Hi there,

I can’t see any zone active in your account, so I can’t test it, but according to the description from their reply, this might be caused by Rocket Loader.
Try disabling it under Speed > Optimization.

Take care.