WP Forms Submission Error: Form was unable to submit

Ran into a recent issue with some of our lead forms (wpforms) on our website www.icryo.com experiencing failed submissions.

I contacted WPForms directly and this was there response. Does anybody know how I can configure our Cloudflare Cache settings or have a different solution?

Regarding the error:

The error message " The form was unable to submit. Please contact the site administrator. " can appear if there are some JavaScript (JS) errors on your site or the form token that is used for Anti-spam protection (Annotation on 2021-11-30 at 04-27-13.png - Droplr) are cached by some caching plugins you’re using. The form tokens are valid for 48 hours, so if you have a page cached for more than that, the form tokens become invalid and the form won’t be able to submit. If you have any optimization or caching plugins, you might want to check the cache lifespan and decrease them.

You could also quickly check this by clearing your cache and disabling any optimization plugins you have, then running a test submission.

I see that you have the WP Rocket plugin but it is deactivated at the moment. Have you deactivated it recently? If so, can you please re-try to submit the form and see if the issue still persists?

(I did recently deactivate WP Rocket about a month ago)

Thank you community!

Are you using APO with the Cloudflare plugin?

Yes, I am. See attached screenshot.

See if you can add a Page Rule for the page with that form and set the Cache to Bypass.

There are about 30 pages that have forms on them (and growing). Is there a global setting, or should I re-install WP Rocket as I did not have this issue when that plugin was installed.

Did you try out the Page Rule on at least one of the forms?

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