WP Fastest Cache minification, combination & Cloudflare

I’ve installed WP Fastest Cache and am seeking to understand the best way of increasing speed for my website; is it ok to minify HTML on both the WP Fastest Cache plugin as well as on Cloudflare, or should I only use the plugin/or Cloudflare? I’ve read many conflicting configuration comments online.

Is it generally a good idea to combine CSS and Js? I wanted to ensure that I don’t undermine speed by selecting the ‘wrong’ options.

Thanks for your help.

hello @nicholasmorgan05

I don’t recommend having both caching features (plugin and CF cache unless you know what you’re doing)

I would suggest at this point to take advantage of the Cloudflare caching setup with WordPress.

Consider to use Page Rules to cache static content:

check this blog post, it will be the answer to your questions:

I would also suggest having a look in our Automatic Cache Management

and check our APO service:

check this Blog post will be very useful for you to understand how it works:

Let us know in case that you have any issues with caching your WP site!

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Many thanks for your help - seems happy. Just need to check on GTMetrix, once I can retest again (allocation used up for now).

Do you recommend using the minify buttons on Cloudflare for HTML etc?

Thanks again.

happy that helped here,

yes we do recommend that! check also the related Knowledge base article:

and as always let us know if you have any issues!

Make sure to perform tests on various platforms, like for an example:


and get an average of your speed tests, to have a general idea

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Just had this when I did a test on the plugin:
Error on dynamic page (https://healthyheartycook.com): Invalid Cache-Control response header. If you are using Litespeed Server, please disable the option Overwrite the cache-control header for Wordpress’s pages using web server rules, purge the cache and retry.

Will look into how to do this - beyond my current expertise.

Could do with some further help if possible - now not working at all :-/

Any ideas how to get it to work? I see there is an ‘endurance page cache’ under the must use plugins, but am not sure if that’s affecting it, and if so, how to delete.

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