WP engine account cancellation & Cloudlare

Hi, I’m not technical so just want to check on this before I do anything.

I’m going to cancel my WP engine account and I have talked to their support who have advised me
to check with Cloudflare to see what (if any) IPs I need to keep in place.

I have email set up with Google and have MX an TXT records set up on CF. I want to keep the email addresses and functionality associated with the domain.

If I cancel my WP engine hosting will I need to delete any A records or CNAME records associated with the domain? I have two A records and one CNAME record.

Would deleting the WP engine account (and if I have to delete any records in CF), affect my ability to still use the email associated with the domain.


No one here can really know what records you need or don’t need. There are some seemingly obvious assumptions that one could make, but it it sounds like you already know to keep your MX record and anything else that GMail had you add.

If you cannot simply remove whatever WPEngine had you add, your best bet will be to go through your DNS and figure out what each record means. You can also back up your data with an export before you delete anything. That way you can quickly recover if you delete too much.

One long awaited new feature that finally arrived in the Cloudflare DNS app may prove helpful for you going forward. You can now add a note to each DNS record. :partying_face:

Hey thanks epic.network fo for your advice and for getting back. I didn’t know about the export feature, So I can just go down that route, and trial and error changes. I’m sure it’s going to be fine if I just cancel WP engine but it’s good to know I have everything backed up if I need it. Thanks again for your help :slight_smile:

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