WP Dashboard open to anyone unless in Development Mode

For some reason, unless Cloudflare is in development mode, anyone who enters our website address is getting logged into the WP dashboard. Additionally, when I am logged into the WP dashboard I get an error when I try to logout. When Cloudflare is in Development mode the site works fine, but when you try to pause Cloudflare you can’t even access the site as it says it isn’t secure.

I am not a web developer, just a frustrated site admin trying to fix this issue.

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You probably have a Page Rule set to Cache Everything. This is risky and should be turned off.

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Thanks. It was reccomended to me to set it to Cache Everything, Edge Cache TTL: a Month

If I remove that, will caching still work?

Regular caching of static files will continue. Cache Everything is usually a bandaid to try to cache page source code…but as you see, it caches and exposes stuff you don’t want people to see.

It’s literally 1 a.m. and I have been at this for HOURS. Thank you so much for this. I’m slowly figuring this whole thing out. Seriously, I am so grateful.


You’re welcome. Now get some well-deserved rest. :sleeping:


Off I go :slight_smile:

Understand the frustration. You can use cache everything if you also use the ‘bypass cache on cookie’ option available on the business and enterprise plans.


Now that you’re well-rested, I’m going to link to a blog post that I use for caching WordPress. It uses Workers ($5/month), but is very similar to the technique @cscharff recommends, but doesn’t require a Business or Enterprise plan.

It requires a WordPress plugin (easy), and adding a Worker Script tied to a route (medium difficulty). But it’s really slick and helps a lot.


You are the gift that keeps on giving. :raised_hands: This is immensely helpful, thank you. It makes sense.


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