/wp-content/cache/all/index.html error

I I have SSL enabled and I get an error like this.
I cannot login to the admin panel, my site does not open!

Without the actual URL, we can’t test it.

Was the HTTPS URL working before you added your site to Cloudflare?

I am adding https to my site for the first time, I have uploaded it to other sites before and got the same message.
my site: tiptu.net

Sites should be up and running with HTTPS before they are added to Cloudflare.

I’m getting a Too Many Redirects error.

I’ve already set it up, but thanks to cloudflare, I can no longer login to my site and admin panel.
All I want is to disconnect from my site and get my site up and running again.
Help me for that. Because of this annoying error I will not use Cloudflare again.

I’m not sure what the actual situation is with HTTPS, but I suspect you don’t have it installed at your server and you’re trying to use Flexible mode.

At the moment, that URL: http://tiptu.net/wp-content/cache/all/index.html does not work at the server: