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Hey thanks for the suggestion, I tried in another browser and it worked fine. I have another question i am curious if you know the answer to and dont mind. Is the WP Cloudflare Super Page Cache the standard cloudflare plugin? That is the one i installed on my wordpress site and entered the api key in for, but in the video tutorial i was watching it showed a different plugin being used with just a standard cloudflare title. I couldnt find any plugin that was just named cloudflare through the search however

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Hi @itsseanjohnbaby232 moved this to separate own topic to ensure attention. I’m not a huge wordpress user and have not tried the super cache plugin.

Probably you’re thinking this one, Cloudflare – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org?

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I am curious, do you feel the optimizing for wordpress option at 5 dollars a month is worth the price and can really boost website speed further than the standard recommended settings? Thanks

The feedback I’ve seen is mixed, some sites experience a big performance improvement some seem not so much, I guess it’s YMMV.

Good review here talking about different types of sites.

To me, seems worth a months try to see if it’s worth the cost longer term.


Easy, take CF APO for a spin for 1 month at a cost of $5 and evaluate if it’s worth it to you. You can evaluate it by testing with various page speed online tools - some metrics like field Core Web Vitals take up to 28 days to reflect changes though, but their lab tests are immediate and can give you a relative comparison of before APO vs after APO performance.

Might want to get all the page speed online tools lined up first - nice read I posted for my own forum users at WebPerf - PageSpeed - Google Page Speed Insights and Google Core Web Vital metrics | Centmin Mod Community Support Forums and WebPerf - PageSpeed - How to use webpagetest.org for page load speed testing | Centmin Mod Community Support Forums

To fully optimise a site for performance and speed, you need to optimize 3 segments.

  1. segment 1 - connection between visitor and CF edge server i.e. CDN cache, WAF, Firewall, Page Rules, Mirage, Polish webP, HTTP/2, HTTP/3, CF APO, CF Workers (i.e. custom/advanced caching) etc
  2. segment 2 - connection between CF edge server and your origin i.e. Argo, Railgun & Full SSL/ECDSA SSL certificates, origin server with TLSv1.3 support
  3. segment 3 - your origin server’s performance/optimisations i.e. web server, PHP, MySQL server optimisations and server hardware specs.

Cloudflare can only help for segments 1 & 2 for cached guest/non-logged based visitors. Now for Cloudflare CDN cache miss/bypass and logged in user for web apps like forums/wordpress performance is determined by segment 3.


Thanks for the reply’s guys. Not sure if you are familiar with Matt, but he specializes in SEO and ive been following the steps in this article here hoping for improved speed. My site tested for slow page loading times on an seo audit tool so hoping these plugins cant help fix that issue 6x Free Ways To Increase Website Speed (and Search Traffic!)

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If your audience is close to your servers origin, it’ll be pointless. If you serve a large global audience, it can improve your site big-time, I found, but there are drawbacks.

I use APO, and my audience is everywhere. It’s part of the pro plan I use. Not sure if I would pay for it given the lack of development on it. It’s buggy; take a look at the cloud flare GitHub page if you don’t believe me. My biggest gripe is it seems to not flush category pages when posting, and it’s hit and miss.

I do believe it’ll improve in future; however, if you are just after a dynamic CDN page cache and you can handle security yourself by installing modsecurity, and comodo or owasp and better yet be able to edit and adjust then openlitespeed and quick.cloud destroy cloud flare apo, I have done through testing, ■■■■ I even compiled http3 in Nginx to work with Cloudflare in my test.

However, cloud flare provides so much more in terms of security, other optimisations not related to apo hence why I won’t leave just yet; and I know this is a common sentiment amongst other sites using WordPress, mainly but there are options.

Yeah my site is catered to a global audience. Thanks for the info. I think i am actually good for now, afteruploading the cloudflare plugin and a few other plugins recommended in the article of the link i shared my speed seems to be good to go. Fixed my slow speed error and bumped up my overall seo health score by a good margin. Thanks again for the feedback guys, appreciate it!

Adding a link to a good resource for this topic. In conversation with colleagues that have used apo for a wide variety of sites it seems compatibility with other plugins is key. To that end, here is a great resouce

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