WP changes are not showing (tried clearing chache)

I tried clearing cache from wp, purge cache from Cloudflare, and even tried changing browser and device
any of my new posts or changes in recent posts are not visible.

hosting - digital ocean cyber panel
webserver - LiteSpeed
CDN - Cloudflare

can anyone help me out?

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It could be Litespeed’s server side caching. Considering that Cloudflare doesn’t cache HTML by default, this is most likely the source. If you want more specific advice, please post the URL.

this is the url http://windowsground.com/

if it’s litespeed’s server side problem what can i do? i tried clearing chache from cyberpanel but there was no chache folder


I see you’re also using Ezoic. They also cache. With Ezoic, there’s no telling what’s really going on. Turn off whatever Litespeed caching you can, then ask Ezoic for help.


haha you were right, ezoic was causing this, how did you know i was using ezoic, thanks again

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