WP bakery image issue when Cloudflare activated

Hi all,

the website I’m working on is:

When Cloudflare is activated the two image galleries disconfigure like so

In the console it shows the following errors, could any of them be the root cause of this issue?:

In the network tab there is only one issue with ‘Google User Content’ which I imagine is unrelated but I’ve pasted the screenshot just in case:

Are there any other tests I can run to get a better idea? I’d really appreciate some help. I’ve left Cloudflare enabled for 24 hours so that you can see the issue too (sometimes, rarely, it doesn’t happen, so just refresh until it does).

Also, there are no caching plugins being used at the moment, but I think that the theme (Jupiter) has its own cache.

Thanks guys!


I couldn’t post more than one image as I’m a new user, so here are screenshots.
Number one (console):

Number two:

I have a handful of thoughts:

  1. There’s Mixed Content that needs to be corrected.
  2. The tall images seem to be what’s throwing it off. The placeholders look good until images too big to fit show up.
  3. You can try disabling some of these features: Rocket Loader, and/or Minifying. These are in the Speed/Optimization tab.
  4. Those image files are way bigger than you need for thumbnails. I get that you can click for a larger version, but that setup needs to be optimized. Each image is several megabytes, creating a 90 megabyte home page.
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Agreed, thanks for feedback. I’ll start knocking down these issues and see if solves.


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