WP APO : Wordpress on domain and subdomain

@yevgen any update on this? I’m still getting the following headers on blog. subdomain:

  1. cf-apo-via: origin,host
  2. cf-cache-status: DYNAMIC
  3. cf-edge-cache: cache,platform=wordpress
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Yes, subdomain support should go live this week.


Can’t wait to get this working on my subdomain! Please keep us posted.

following this thread for when this happens

A new message has appeared in the “Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress” section:

Note: APO runs against the following list of hostnames:
youritpm.com, www.youritpm.com

Hey @yevgen
How will APO on subdomains work in terms of billing?
eg if on a Pro plan do we have limitless subdomain APO installs available?

AFAIK there are no restrictions or additional costs on the number of subdomains you can run APO per domain.


Did anybody get their subdomains working yet?

My APO is disabled now. I turn it on, but it turns off again!

I confirm issues in Cloudflare dashboard with APO card. I’m looking into that, seems like UI bug, APO feature works as expected.


Nothing yet on my end =/

We are in the process of the Wordpress plugin release. Once it’s live, please upgrade and give it a try.

The steps to run APO against the root are the following:

  • update the plugin
  • do on/off APO feature you should see the list of hostnames is updated with apex and www subdomain:

After that you are ready to enable APO against any subdomain:

  • update plugin on a subdomain to the latest version
  • login using Global key (CF token only works on the root)
  • enable APO feature
  • you should see that subdomain is added to the list of hostnames in the card

If you intend to run APO only on the subdomain the step with APO setup on the root is not needed.

So to summarize with the latest version of WP plugin you can enable/disable APO against root and any number of subdomains independently.


Looks like the issue hasn’t been fixed yet :slightly_frowning_face:

@yevgen I know I am being too much but is there an ETA on the plugin update release?

The fix is live now.

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I don’t have an ETA, it’s blocked on CI issues, you can follow this PR here https://github.com/cloudflare/Cloudflare-WordPress/pull/329. I hope it will be resolved later today during US daytime.


FYI the plugin release is postponed till Monday, we need to revalidate CI failures.


That is frustrating but I appreciate the update and transparency!

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Finally, version 3.8.6 with APO subdomains support is live https://wordpress.org/plugins/cloudflare/ Let us know if it works as expected. How to enable APO on a subdomain.