WP APO with single install and WPML with multi domains

I am looking for help with this installation of WP APO:

  1. I have single WordPress installation.
  2. WPML plugin is installed.
  3. WPML is set to use different domains for different languages (example.com, example.es, example.fr)
  4. When I do activation via global cloudflare token key, only main domain (example.com) is detected with APO plugin.

It means that other domains (ES and FR) is not optimized, even there is a paid confirmation for ES and FR domain for APO cloudflare service.

How to solve it? Is there some solution? One single installation with WPML is priority.

Thank you.

You can use APO API to add example.es, example.fr to hostnames list so APO will run on those hostnames. I’m not familiar with WPML plugin, please not that automatic purging will only be triggered on example.com, the rest of the hostnames need to be purged in sync with content change.
API description is here: Cloudflare API v4 Documentation

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