WP APO, Litespeed Server and LSC plugin compatibility

Hey Guys,

Anyone using WordPress APO with Litespeed server and their cache plugin? Is it perfectly compatible? I am already using APO for a different site which is under Nginx server with WP-Rocket cache plugin and working fine.

All I need to know if WP APO, Litespeed server, and Litespeed cache plugin works perfectly together


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Perfectly? That’s a tall order when you layer caching. Layered caching can lead to those caches being out of sync. The Litespeed server part is fine. But if you use both APO and LSC to cache your pages, just keep an eye out for pages not updating because the caches aren’t purging at the same time.

Thanks for your response. I am still confused, LSC is so popular WP caching plugin more than wp-rocket. Should work perfectly with APO, but can’t risk my production site with high-traffic and ecommerce functionality. I am asking for confirmation so I can start using it :slight_smile:

That’s what dev and staging environments are for.

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So, I can confirm. It does not perform well and not compatible. I just wasted $5

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I need further explanation about “not perform well and not copitable”. Is it about cache purging or what?

This is what I can see from my end. Tried with and without APO, done some speed test constantly. I think LSC stops working or can’t provide best possible performance when CF APO is active.

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