WP APO can't clear cache

I have been trying to clear caches for some URLs but no matter what I do, whether from WordPress or manually from CloudFlare, this URL simply doesn’t change (unless cache bypassed via chrome dev tools)

Have checked with curl multiple times. It does update on some locations but doesn’t on others it seems. Not even after an hour. Is there a cache by hostname/device fingerprinting in place for unique caches?

Support doesn’t bother to reply appropriately in a week. Amazing that’s the case for paying customers.

Please post the support ticket id, we will investigate. Just to point out 2 things:

  • install Cloudflare WP plugin on the zone to make automatic purging on content change work
  • we have a known issue with not purging example.com/page/* pages. A workaround is to create a page rule to set Edge TTL for those pages to 30-60 mins. We plan to rollout a fix that will make this change automatically.
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The issue was resolved last week.