WP All Import getting 503 errors

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I’ve been using WP All Import to run automatic product updates each night for a while now. Recently it stopped working and they say it’s due to a 503 error from Cloudflare. Any idea what I need to do here?

Thanks for your patience here! We’re getting a 503 error from Cloudflare, but there’s no further information on what the cause is. According to a guide of theirs we’ve collected the following:

#1: The time and timezone of the 503 error occurrence:

2022-02-01 04:17:34 UTC+0

#2: The output of [website]/cdn-cgi/trace:

fl=16f728 h=[[website]) ip={redacted} ts=1643717913.795 visit_scheme=https uag=Wget/1.14 (linux-gnu) colo=IAD http=http/1.1 loc=US tls=TLSv1.2 sni=plaintext warp=off gateway=off

IMPORTANT: The IP address noted in this trace is only the one used for testing the connection, different IP addresses are used by the processes that run schedules in our scheduling system.

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