Wp-admin on worker

I have a site: my-site.com and wordpress blog - mysiteblog.com. I use a worker to render the blog on my site domain in the subfolder: my-site.com/blog. All work fine, only wp-admin not work, I think the problem is at browser session. Do you have any suggestion?

My routes: www.my-site.com/blog*
My index.js
// keep track of all our blog endpoints here

const my Blog = {
hostname: “mysiteblog.com”,
targetSubdirectory: “/blog”,
assetsPathnames: ["/public/", “/assets/”]
async function handleRequest(request) {
// returns an empty string or a path if one exists
const formatPath = (url) => {
const pruned = url.pathname.split("/").filter(part => part)
return pruned && pruned.length > 1 ? ${pruned.join("/")} : “”

  const parsedUrl = new URL(request.url)
  const requestMatches = match => new RegExp(match).test(parsedUrl.pathname)

  // if its blog html, get it
  if (requestMatches(myBlog.targetSubdirectory)) {
    console.log("this is a request for a blog document", parsedUrl.pathname)
    const targetPath = formatPath(parsedUrl)
    const query = parsedUrl.search

    return fetch(`https://${myBlog.hostname}/${targetPath}${query}`)

  // if its blog assets, get them
  if ([myBlog.assetsPathnames].some(requestMatches)) {
    console.log("this is a request for blog assets", parsedUrl.pathname)
    const assetUrl = request.url.replace(parsedUrl.hostname, myBlog.hostname);

    return fetch(assetUrl)

  console.log("this is a request to my root domain", parsedUrl.host, parsedUrl.pathname);
  // if its not a request blog related stuff, do nothing
  return fetch(request)

addEventListener("fetch", event => {

Hey @beniamin.marcu93, what is the URL you’re trying to access? my-site.com/blog/wp-admin? If possible, posting your script code and assigned routes here could help make troubleshooting easier!

I edited the post

@signalnerve Do you have any suggestion?