WP Admin goes down after connecting website with CloudFlare

Hi Team,

One of my client website is not working fine after connecting it to Cloudflare. I have checked all the forums related this issue but can’t be able to resolve this issue.

Website: https://www.cherubbaby.se

Frontend is working fine but admin is not accessible.

In crypto SSL mode is Flexible, on changing to Full, front-end also stops working. One more thing website do not have own SSL, using Cloudflare SSL.

Kindly check this issue and let me know the possible solution to solve it.

Bad choice I am afraid and the reason for the error.

Simply install a valid certificate and switch to Full strict and that should fix it.

Thanks, though, for being clear about the setup. That helped pinpointing it quickly.


On disabled the SSL, still cannot access the Admin dashboard. Why is it happening? It only works on disconnecting website completely from Cloudflare.

What do you mean by disable? You shouldnt disable it, you need to install a valid certificate on your server.

I mean to say that apart from using Cloudflare SSL certificate, cannot able to access the WP Admin.

For that you need to configure a certificate on your server, thats all.

From where do I get it?

From wherever you want. You can get a paid one, a LetsEncrypt one or an Origin Certificate from Cloudflare.

ok. It is must to use it?

Yes, it is. Install the certificate and switch to “Full strict” and it should work.

Thanks Sandro for the information. I think this step is missing.

I installed the certificate and switched to “Full Strict”, still admin is not working.

Can you post a screenshot of the error?

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Kindly check this screenshot, Screenshot by Lightshot

That should be an error straight off of your server. Check your server logs for that error and it should provide you with additional details.

Ok. Let me check it

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