WP - Admin Dashboard Is Not Displaying Properly & CSS Not Loading

Hello guys, I’m having a problem. I hope someone has experienced my problem before or knows a solution. When I enter the admin panel (WP) of the site, I experience disruptions.

When I check the console when there is a problem, the problem appears as below. ( Unable to load Load-styles.)

When I try to look/click directly on the error, the following image appears;

We seem to understand that there is a plugin conflict here, but I disabled all plugins except LiteSpeed, cleared Cloudflare and all cookies/caches, waited for a while and then saw the same problem again.

Note: Do not think of this as a permanent / permanent error, friends, for example, it gives 503 like this, but after 3-5 minutes, nothing happens when I enter it again.

-Disabling the LiteSpeed Cache plugin or turning it off from the cache settings completely solves the problem.
-Stopping Cloudflare seems to fix the issue. However this needs to be used on both systems so I’m looking for a solution.
-LiteSpeedCache plugin has no active settings other than cache settings (it’s simple.)

LiteSpeed Status : Screenshot by Lightshot
My Plugins : Screenshot by Lightshot


Do you know what system the 503 error comes from? It doesn’t look like a Cloudflare error page, unless you have custom error pages configured.

Are you able to share the domain so we can investigate?

I said that this error goes away after clearing the cookies, I think there are conflicts.

I think this might help you;

If private messaging is allowed, I can privately tell the support team my site address.