Wow what a mess

So about 4 days I get locked out of my account and that’s when all ■■■■ breaks loose for me. I have spent the last 4 days fighting off DNS spoofers and trying to figure out where they are spoofing from so I can put a stop to it.So I come back to where it all started only my wonderful new and shiny DNS proxy to find out that there is no real support and no company directory. but rather suggestion after suggestion of something to read. I felt like I was at the blasted library. well I see some hope I go to renew password which I new what it was because I use last pass, Did everything I read 4 time in two day but never got that savior of an email. oh well I will look for that support again only to find a round robin that will never let you in with out an account. so I faked one or at least I thought I because I used the same email I had in my last-pass. wait what but I had a paid account. SO NOW I just want out cause this is a nightmare. and it turned they hacked my DNS records at Network solutions. boy you cant trust any of these monster corporations any more. my email is {redacted} if someone to help close my account

Considering this was not a general security breach at NetSol (that would have made the news otherwise) this will have happened because of weak security on your side. Can you share how it is the fault of these monster corporations if you choose an insecure password and hence allow others to access your account?

Just wondering, because assuming a bit of responsibility on your side as well might not be a bad idea.

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