WoW Server

Can someone tell me why my wow server stop working after setting up cloudflare for my website.

Because it will most likely not use HTTP and hence cannot be proxied via Cloudflare. You need to set the applicable DNS records to :grey:.

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I dont see what the server has anything to do with the website.

Nothing probably, but if it has nothing to do with it, then Cloudflare shouldnt affect it either. I still guess it is a proxied record but thats something you will need to check.

Just started using cloudflare, so im really not a shark at it.
The website is working after connection via cloud, but the server is not.

Precisely, because you will have the record in question proxied and you need to unproxy that. Please check out and #Tutorials.

Was just told by someone that cloudflare blocks all non-webserver ports.
Which means that i cant use cloudflare since hosting the server on my own machine.

That is what I said before. Also, there are no “non-webserver” ports but Cloudflare only proxies HTTP and only supports a handful of ports.

Again, you will need an unproxied record for that.

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