Would WARP be effective at preventing finding a person's location by triangulating last pings to cell towers?


This is kind of a weird question but… I listen to a lot of true crime/horror stories, and triangulating a person’s location using data provided by their cell provider (like… the last 3 towers they pinged or something) seems to be a very common and effective method of finding a person.

I’m not planning to commit any sort of crime, but I am seeing more and more stories about the government purchasing data from major tech companies such as cellular providers in a bypass-the-4th-amendment-and-get-innocent-people-dragged-into-it type of way. And this makes me curious – would using WARP affect a cellular provider’s ability to do this? Would it make it more difficult, or even nearly impossible? Thanks.

Your phone doesn’t need internet or even a SIM card to communicate with a cell tower, so no, WARP would do literally nothing in this scenario.

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Are you referencing GPS?

If so, do phones actually attempt to communicate with cell towers using GPS without a SIM card…? And even if you did something like disable cellular connectivity in settings?

That’s a question Google can probably point you in the right direction for.

As this is no longer about a Cloudflare offering, I’ll close out this thread.

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