Would URI records conflict with MX records?

I’ve always known that MX records would conflict with CNAME records, so I’ve refrained from implementing a 301 redirect for our company’s root domain.
Today, I suddenly discovered that Cloudflare supports a record type called ‘URI’, which seems like it could solve the problem.
However, I can’t experiment with the stability of our company’s email system.

Can anyone help answer this question? Can I use MX records and URI records separately to achieve redirecting [https://example.com] to [https://www.example.com/en/] while ensuring that @example.com emails function normally?

You can’t have CNAMES records for the apex/root domain. Cloudflare bypasses this problem by using CNAME Flattening for unproxied records, which means they replace the CNAME with A/AAAA records. For proxied domains, this is not an issue, as Cloudflare publishes their own DNS records anyway instead of the CNAME.

So you can create a CNAME record for your root domain without any issues.

What does a 301 have to do with a CNAME or MX records?

The URI record will not be of any use to you.

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