Would like to use Custom Paths on Pro subscription. Where is the "WAF Advanced plan"?

We’re using Cloudflare Images on our own “custom domain” (which is on a Pro plan). Works great.
Now we’d like to rewrite the “cdn-cgi/imagedelivery” part to something shorter.
The docs say we can easily do that: https://developers.cloudflare.com/images/cloudflare-images/serve-images/serve-images-custom-domains/
But… we either need to upgrade to a Business account (is not gonna happen) or we need the “WAF Advanced plan” to be able to use regexes in Transform Rules.
I’m trying to find info about that “WAF Advanced plan” but can’t find anything. Does it even exist? Where? What does it cost? Can it be combined with the Pro plan?

this dynamic rewrite rules should work for you.

match: (starts_with(http.request.uri.path, “/images”))

rewrite: concat(“/cdn-cgi/imagedelivery”, substring(http.request.uri.path, 7))

will update documentation to reflect this.


Wow, thanks for your fast and precise answer. Works like a charm, we’re running this live already. Thanks again!


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