Would like to transfer my DNS from DYN/Oracle to Cloudflare, unable to add site

Hi, I’m trying to add a site as first step for transferring my DNS records, no matter what I enter I’m unable to do so… I am guessing here, but the problem is that my site looks like a subdomain, it is a municipal website in the format of:

town.nameoftown.state.us , when I enter that I get error “Please ensure you are providing the root domain and not any subdomains” , I don’t own “state.us” of course :slight_smile:

if I enter just nameoftown.state.us I get “name… is not a registered domain”

how can I get around this? the first domain (the longer one) is my actual domain that I am in control of. This is a very common naming scheme for municipalities, some are city.nameofcity.state.us , others might be town.nameoftown.state.us… often we are provided these domain names for free by a state agency that I suppose controls the registrar entries, the names are reserved for the municipalities (and have been for decades I guess).

I’m not sure which part you’re trying to add, but it needs to be under one of the suffixes in this list. In other words a “child” of something on the list.


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You can add a domain name first then add a A record for the subdomain to point to both domain and subdomain. Hope that helps

it is listed there, when I enter that it gives me the “…is not a registered domain” error.

In that case, make sure it has an SOA, NS records, and either an “A” or “CNAME” record for town.nameoftown.state.us. Missing any of those can cause the “Not a registered domain” message.

I use dnschecker.org for this.

so weird… SOA is there, it points to mydyndns.org (current provider of my DNS), A record exists and points to my actual web-server which is fine, and NS records also resolve to DYN as they should.

not to mention everything has worked just fine for decade at DYN, I just hate Oracle with all I have and wanted to move to Cloudflare lol

Please open a ticket and post the # here. @blas is online this morning and can hopefully check as soon as there’s a ticket.

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