Would like to offer domain white labeling for our workers

We would like to offer a SaaS using some of the workers that we have built and in order to offer it we would need to be able to give our customers a way to point their domain to our service using a DNS server that exists outside cloudflare … is this possible ?

Yes, this is possible with SSL for SaaS - which goes beyond SSL and offers the full suite of Cloudflare protections and features, and does allow you to apply Workers scripts to your customers’ domains.

It is indeed going to require a contract with Cloudflare, though - so if you’re not sizable enough to be able to pay for this service (whatever price Cloudflare quotes you) then CF doesn’t provide it for lower-tiers.

Best of luck!

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If SSL for SAAS isn’t an option for you, you can also check out https://approximated.app which can be used with your CloudFlare workers to white label custom domains on demand with SSL.