Would like to install Cloudflare Plugin in all my Cpanel Clients

Would like to install Cloudflare Plugin in all my Cpanel Clients. Kindly help me

Here are some instructions from the GitHub repository:

Thank you for the email.

But I’m getting error during installation. As Host API is not.valid


Host API key is a special key for Partners. Do you have a Partner account with Cloudflare?

No, I don’t have a partner account. Have filled the partner form multiple times but no update on that yet.


Kindly help me getting partner portal signed up for giving free CDN to my clients from Cpanel

I don’t work for Cloudflare. If the below link is where you filled out the Partner form, that’s all I can suggest.

Very recently have purchased Dedicated Server with Cpanel. I came across another Cpanel which has a Cloudflare Plugin and my Cpanel doesnt has. When googled, i came to know that i wanted to become a Partner to get the “HOST_API_KEY”. I tried signing up multiple times onto partner programme, but no response thereafter. Kindly help me getting HOST_API_KEY so that i can provide Cloudflare Plugins to all my Clients.

Thank you in advance please.


I had a partner account few years ago (never used it)… now, i can´t login nor recover my password.
A friend of mine wants to install the CF cpanel plugin and tried to create a partner account, and CF rejected him.

Few years ago, anybody can create the partner account, but now is not so easy.
The problem is, without the partner account we can´t use the cpanel plugin ;(

Anybody from CF can explain how we can install and use the cpanel plugin without a partner account??