Would like to edit a post/ delet

Hi there,
I found a solution for my issue, but I would like to remove my domain and screen, from the post!
while keeping the issue and solution for others!

You can delete the topic if you so wish, or edit all necessary posts. Just not other users’, for those you need to ask nicely or wait for a mod to do it, if they are going to. The ask nicely option is way faster :slight_smile:

yes I grant you that, I wasn’t nice!
I’m sorry

I wasn’t implying that, I didn’t even read the old post, I just checked how old that was to confirm my solution would work. But hey, that worked well, too :slight_smile:

Just ask nicely if someone mentioned anything you want deleted and they will most likely help you out :slight_smile:

okay now, I may want to delet This post , because it contains my domain name, could anyone suggest or help me with that.

Click these 3 dots :slight_smile:

Yes, but you have the domain in here now :slight_smile:

The actual post will vanish in a bit automatically.

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