Would like CDN + SSL. Help appreciated

I have SSL with Bluehost and they have advised me to seek Cloudflare support to activate CDN + SSL.

The SSL and CDN is clashing for me and therefore I have to have CDN off. Any help much appreciated!

(Bluehost offer CDN via Cloudflare on their packages).

Cloudflare does not offer any “more” SSL than what you already have with your host. All Cloudflare can add is some security and performance features.

What is it you want to achieve?

I want to activate CDN. When I activate CDN on bluehost, it clashes with my SSL certificate.

It is Bluehost support who advised me to seek help with Cloudflare to resolve the clash between SSL and CDN.

What exactly do you mean? Your description is not very precise.

What’s the domain?

Newswrapped.com. apologies in advance as I am not technical in this area.

If I have CDN on, my SSL does not work. I tried this twice in last two weeks and each time my website was not accessible in UK. But it was accessible in Asia. So, I have CDN switched off. Bluehost informed me that the CDN and SSL clash. Apparently, Cloudfare can help with resolving this through the IP positioning?

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Cloudflare is not a CDN in that sense. However there shouldn’t be any issue with your current certificate. The only issue I could imagine could be certificate renewals, if they go through HTTP validation, as that is some times blocked by Cloudflare’s firewall.

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