Would CloudFlare help to deal with traffic spike


I realise this question won’t have a quantitative answer, but I was hoping someone might be able to give me some general pointers.

I have a small website running on Umbraco CMS (.NET/SQL Server). Umbraco renders most of the content of the site from an in-memory cache so it’s not hitting the database all the time, but obviously the more visitors the greater the memory usage on the host. The host server is non-cloud based so resources can’t readily be scaled up and down.

The website is expected to have a spike in traffic soon, resulting in 200-300 concurrent visitors (usually it only has <10). I wondered if the CloudFlare ‘free’ plan would help in taking some of the load off the server? It seems it’s possible to set CloudFlare to cache ‘everything’, in which case would this effectively take care of the traffic spike?

Could anyone suggest whether CloudFlare would likely be of much help in this scenario to help keep the site running quickly under a short period of load?

Many thanks.

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