Would a srv record help me

I am simply trying to hide my ip address. I have a diff port from the normal web site ones. I bought me a domain and all i want to do is be able to give my friends a url with a port at the end and not be able to track me back to my ip. exp… www.earthmaptest.com:8123 … I know very little to non about this stuff so please go easy.

Would be better if i could hide the port with the url… thats why i thought of srv record

If so, you would need to make sure the hostname (DNS records) for your domain is :orange: cloud (proxied via Cloudflare) and not :grey: cloud.

Furthermore, the port for your app/access should be the compatible one with Cloudflare (like 443, 8443, 2083, etc.).

Kindly, check on the below article which ports are compatible:

The other way around is to use some kind of load balancer in case you cannot change port, or have multiple ones for a local network, while having the single port which is compatible with Cloudflare, a tool/software like Kemp or some other tools would help.

Example of a Kemp setup for home and a custom domain running behind Cloudflare, all on the same port 443, see here:

Im so sorry. I did not know there was “supported ports”. Thank you. I will give it a try and tell you if it helped.

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Im using type A. Also switched to port 8080. Checked the port and its open and working. Should i be using a srv type?


From my point of view, no need to, but could depend what service are you running and does it actually need it or it can run just normally over an A type as you stated.

Some Internet protocols require the use of SRV records in order to function.

Its kinda dumb but me an some friends want to “recreate the earth in minecraft” so i found a plugin that would do live world updates and put it on a port of my choosing. As standered it came as 8123 as the port. I cant it to 8080 because cloudflare supports that. (thank you for letting me know btw) I was hoping it would just auto pick the 8080 out. I am stuck from here. I dont know how to let cloudflare know the port to use.

Hi @damonmcclellan36,

Cloudflare’s traditional proxy service will only work with HTTP(S) traffic. You would need the paid Spectrum product for that. It’s only available on Pro/Business plans and can get quite expensive with pricing per GB.


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All i want to do is have a live updating map of a server

like this https://map.maelk.net not my server but the same plugin.

IP Address of map.maelk.net at 05 Jul 2021 03:26:11 PM : Site24x7 Tools those people even use cloudflare

Oh right. So it’s not the Minecraft game that you’re trying to proxy, but a web page showing that map?

If that’s the case, you need to get it running on a port compatible with Cloudflare.

Alternatively, you could probably use Cloudflare Tunnel to connect to your network and serve the traffic over a standard port from whatever non-standard port it uses on the local machine.

Okay well im still stuck and i have tryed alot of things. Thanks forever ones help but it looks like im doing this alone.

had to use port 80. thanks. I was trying to avoid port 80

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