Would a purge solve my performance issue after server change?

I think I was given poor guidance by my hosting service before migrating from shared hosting to a dedicated server.

After migrating - everything worked OK for a couple of days but now the site is really slow (several minutes to load a page) - GTMetrix times out before being able to assess the site.

I was told by my host to change DNS from within Cloudflare, but I think, in retrospect that I should have disabled Cloudflare, done the DNS change through the hosting and then re-enabled Cloudflare and set up the nameservers as I did originally when signing up to Cloudflare.

The fact that the site worked OK for a couple of days after the new IP had propagated implies that a ‘good’ copy of the site was cached somewhere. Would a complete cache purge resolve this problem, and if so, is it safe to to do it all at once, or will I need to do it one URL at a time?

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