Worth using BunnyCDN along with Cloudflare?

Wondering if using both will lead to any speed improvements?


I took quick look at BunnyCDN’s website, it seems to me it’s a pull CDN (similar to Cloudflare). There shouldn’t really be so many performance benefits, if at all. It would most likely only result in higher costs to you.

It really depends on the kind of traffic and your website. Most often simply optimizing Cache-Control headers would suffice.

For similar pricing Argo (from Cloudflare, 0.01$/GB) would be better, but most often not needed -> improved latency from the origin, better caching with tiered caching.

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Is there anywhere I can see my cache hit rate with Cloudflare? Just wondering as many content sites I see use both caching and a CDN. BunnyCDNs only $10 a year too so not too bad.

Right in the Dashboard, under the Analytics page (but also in the Overview, even though less detailed) is a cache/hit ratio.

Assuming you move pretty low volume (by CF and some CDNs standards) then, <100GB/month assuming lowest cost per GB from BunnyCDN for the standard tier.

I would optimize Cache-Control headers and look into doing that, 10$ a year isn’t a lot. How is traffic spread around the world?

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Most of my viewers are from the US, and the Europe. Dallas on BunnyCDN has taken the most traffic followed by Paris and London.

Think I’ll stay with it. I did see some noticeable speed improvements as Cloudflare’s datacentres are so many much of my data wasn’t being cached. Plus $10 a year won’t kill me.

In Cloudflare, the US, U.K. and then various European countries have the most cached stuff.


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That is true…

Unfortunately, the more POPs they have the worse the caching is, obviously. Do take a look at Cache-Control headers though, they can help a lot.

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Will do when I’m back on my computer. Think I’ll stick with it as the support has been great and images certainly load quicker.

Edit: here is what it reads to me:

Not really sure what it means. Sorry, completely new to this only done caching via htaccess before.

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For sure, maybe then if your traffic is mainly in US and EU switch to their higher volume plan, which has less DCs (so higher cache ratio and less cache misses) and less cost.

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I doubt I’ll exceed the $10 minimum a year (minimum fee) so I can use the premium CDN they have. I posted the headers I received above.


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My comment wasn’t really related to costs, it’s due to the fact that since most traffic is EU/US based having too many points of presence (BunnyCDN and Cloudflare) is detrimental. Less from BunnyCDN would improve things since a couple ms of latency more because your request went not to the closest point, but was a cache HIT instead of a MISS (going back to the origin and re-rendering or serving it again from there) is way faster.

Those headers aren’t really that useful, since it’s a single file. A WebPageTest is way more useful:


A couple of notes I can see at a quick glance:

  1. I see both the www. subdomain and the cdn. one. That is counterproductive now, since HTTP/2 it is actively discouraged to split files on different origins since it will actually slow things down.
  2. I see tons of requests (> 50, I have seen worse, but still), you use cdnjs for the cookie consent bar, but only for that. That will add latency for mostly nothing there since it’s also blocking everything else, host it yourself, it’s pretty tiny. Try to reduce the number of files on third party services, host them yourself if you can (and are allowed to do so), reduce the number of fonts.
  3. I see 93 <script> tags on your homepage, only 28 are asynced, those will add latency (as you can see from the waterfall of requests above.
  4. There are a bunch of errors in the browser console. Check and solve them, they don’t hurt by themselves, but if things load that do not work it’s wasted time.
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Could you send me those errors? Last time checking I didn’t see any. I also did remote testing via Browserstack and got no errors. Thanks!

Regarding script tags that’s on my theme so not much I can do about that. The requests are due to ads, it’s around 26 with a blocker. Ads really kill speed and I can’t find a way to stop that :frowning:

The cdn subdomain is with bunnycdn, as I have to use it to serve off their servers.

Thanks, appreciate the help!

They are only on the desktop version, can’t send you everything since would be a ton of files, there a few every few seconds. All mention tcp.googlesyndication.com.

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Yep it’s ad content: https://www.en.advertisercommunity.com/t5/Google-Analytics-Reports/What-is-tpc-googlesyndication-com-and-why-does-it-show-up-as/td-p/841515

I wish google gave you a simple way to lazy load ads. I unfortunately there isn’t much I can do about that, which is why I usually test with Adblock on as different ads can change load times. I usually go off the visible frame as the site is usable once the ads are loading.

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Understood, unfortunately not everything is under your control…

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Is this a good idea in terms of performance?

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