Worst customer services in the world

This company has the worst customer service in the world

I mean, ‘worst customer services in the world’ isn’t really feedback and is likely to just get closed as off-topic.

What was the bad experience that you had?


@biznezinc, on which plan level are you?


Not sure how that answers the question.

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Your phone system dropped my call 6 times. Then finally get someone on the line and they tell me to email support. When we emailed support they closed the ticket right away when asking for our login details.

So you are not going to address the question?

My plan level?

Did I ask another one?

I have no idea what level we are we cant get logged in. this what I am talking about rude people answering support questions

Then I ask the question differently. How much are you paying Cloudflare a month?

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Sorry about that, I am sure they do not mean to be mean. You don’t have any sites nor subscriptions in your account and I do show no login activity, although the email is verified.

Did you contact Support from the account you are using here? I do not see any tickets, can you share a ticket number?

Can you share a zone name if it’s in a different account? Tools here can help, https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/203471284-Login-and-account-issues


It wont let me paste the support link

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Your request ([#2495611]

Thank you, I see the ticket.

autoplextransport is not a domain name, autoplextransport.tld` is.

The only reply on the ticket is from a bot, I hope it was not rude, I helped write it.

Sorry, we do not offer phone support for free accounts.

For the security and privacy of our customers, we can only work with account holders directly. You referenced a ticket under a different email address than you are using here and asked about a zone that is in yet a third account.

There is really nothing to move, the site is not hosted on Cloudflare, the domain is not through Cloudflare Registrar. You just need to contact your current registrar (use whois to find) and ask them to change the Nameservers from Cloudflare to their default. Or you can ask them to change them to the ones assigned to the Cloudflare account you are using here (or used to contact cf support). You’ll need to be able to recreate the DNS record and any account settings & rules. So, always best to try and find the credentials associated with the account.


I know the domain is not with you its with Godaddy the hosting is with Cloudflare. This chat wont let me post links. the tld is .com

It is not, Cloudflare does not host sites (exception apply, but not here)

You can now, sorry about that.

I’d start with godaddy to see if they hosted or can point you to who is hosting your site. To move the site, you need to know where you are moving the hosting from and where to. Invoices can also help find the hosting provider. But, it’s not Cloudflare.

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