Working zone was automatically deleted, in audit log purge record is present. How to get it back?

Date: 2022-08-29T11:39:41+03:00
User IP Address:
Resource: Zone
Audit Record: d0473371-69ef-5d08-a577-3f3620a4ccab
Metadata: { “Zone name”: “kenytech .com” }

What does this purge record in audit logs mean?
Why zone was deleted?
How to take it back?
There were tons of settings in TXT fields

It means the domain was automatically removed from your account

In your case because the nameservers were not set correctly.

You add the domain back to your account as you did the first time, hopefully the settings will not be removed if you add it soon after it was purged. Just make sure you set the nameservers properly.

but all was good and the site has been working fine for the last couple of months.
What can be the issue with

In your case because the nameservers were not set correctly.

whois reports only one nameserver, Cloudflare nameservers always come in pairs.


trying to add it back, but the settings are gone,
and I’ve spent the whole day setting up all services

I see, thanks for that. Will change.
Is there any chance to retrieve somehow the previous config?

Unfortunately not, if the settings are not automatically restored upon re-adding the domain then, as long as you added it back to the same account, there is nothing else you can do. If you don’t have a backup of the DNS settings then unfortunately you will have to recreate them from scratch.

Thank you!
In woorkup com history of TXT records has not been captured also, so will have to recreate from scratch =(

Depending on how long ago you added them, the records may still be in the audit log. Not sure which would be quicker from working them out from scratch or building them one by one from there.

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