Working with the API

Is it possible to register an account with Cloudflare using the API? How to do it?

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Thank you so much for your reply!

And tell me more, please: you said that you can edit your account using the API.

After the account is manually created, I perform the following configuration:

  1. Linking a domain name to an account.
  2. Choosing a tariff plan (free).
  3. Delete old dns records if available. Writing new dns records.
  4. Copy new ns servers.

Is it possible to perform these steps 1-4 using the API?

According to the documentation, yes.

Of course. See the API reference. You csn also leverage existing third-party tools.

Probably. it depends on what you mean. If you just need to obtain the names you need to use at your registrar, that is covered in the API reference and the first article that covers adding sites.