Working everywhere but not at home

Hi everyone, I have not idea what is the problem but my website is not working anymore on cloudflare only at home.

When I check my apache and nginx I have some visitor from france and everyhing look fine.

after test on host-tracker everything is good

but I have the connexion timeout at home.

I am from canada and my server on France.

thank for your help

Look like my VPN express VPN ip not working anymore with cloudflare !

Your screenshot goes via the French datacentre, which should be unlikely for a Canadian connection. Where were you when you took that screenshot? Can you provide a screenshot of

On everything loads just fine.

522s are covered at Community Tip - Fixing Error 522: Connection timed out. As the article says that happens when your server does not respond in time. That would be something you need to fix on your server, respectively talk to your host about.

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