Workers with Null query string arguments

I’ve recently written a worker that intercepts requests and shows a maintenance page to external users and allows company staff to access a site during maintenance periods - everything typically works just fine, however we’ve noticed an issue with query strings that have null values.

Consider the following request url:**key2=**&key3=example

In the above request - the Worker yeilds the following down to the origin (without the = sign on Key2):**key2**&key3=example

I cant find any RFC’s indicating that my request URL is bad - Is this expected behaviour from the Workers engine?


Hi @patrick.squire,

Your URLs are correct. Our URL class has a bug which drops the equals sign separator from null-valued query parameters. Thanks for the report! Expect a fix to land sometime next week.


Thanks @harris :slight_smile:

@squip, just wanted to let you know the fix for this is now live.

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Nice one @harris - thanks a ton.