Workers with NodeJS


Normally I find everything on google but this time I am stuck.

I am using Lambda for my API and want to migrate to Workers. But somehow I can not find information if and how is possible to use ExpressJS and NestJS apps here, deploying from github.

Does anyone have an idea? Would help a lot. Thanks

Hi @clirim

Instead of using ExpressJS, you might use something more suited to Workers such as itty-router as shown in this tutorial

Or there is worktop as shown in this tutorial

You can also find other packages that work with workers including other routers

Thanks for the information, I would consider it for future project. But for now I have them already developed some in express and some nestjs. I think it would be too expensive to start from scratch.

So is workers with those frameworks not an option? I really hoped to leave aws for good.

No ExpressJS

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