Workers Unlimited request pricing

Just trying to get a precise definition of billable requests when paying for Workers Unlimited.

With the Workers Unlimited plan, requests beyond the included quota will be charged at $0.50/million requests. [1]

Included quota: The first 10,000,000 requests are included every month. You will be charged $0.50 for every additional 1,000,000 requests. [2]

So: The $5/mo for Workers Unlimited includes the first 10,000,000 billable requests? Wondering if that was a typo, meant to be 1,000,000, hoping not : )

Now to what represents billable requests towards that usage, here are my assumptions:

  • Incoming requests to the worker: billable
  • Any fetch() subrequests, cloudflare-cached or otherwise: billable
  • put(), match(), and delete() methods of caches.default: not billable
  • get(), put(), list(), and delete() methods of kv namespace: not billable - separate accounting per the KV table on the pricing page. [3]

Can someone at Cloudflare verify these assumptions, and clear up the KV request accounting?

What’s confusing now is that Billable Usage requests [2] seem to include “Total requests” only, not “Subrequests”, where “Total requests”/“Subrequests” defined over in the Analytics dashboard table, and in my case “Subrequests” > “Total requests”, so it seems “Total requests” may not include “Subrequests”.

KV has a separate Analytics breakout (“KV requests”), hence my guess that they have separate accounting.

- John

[2]{account-id}/billing/billable-usage Cloudflare Workers requests info popup

What does suggest a typo?

Not billable subrequests, just the main request.

To simplify it, each time a worker runs its one billable request towards the 10M quota (with the 0.50$ every million thereafter). All other requests inside are included, except for the KV ones.