Workers Unbound is here! (In private Beta)

Seems to be priced the same as Lambdas, but without hidden costs like API Gateway and DNS Queries.


Not to mention NAT gateway, which is pretty expensive if you need both VPC and internet access.

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Is there a way to compare pricing for Unbound versus the $5 a month current unlimited plan?

I pay $5/month and never go over quota. So it’s $5 per month for me.

If you’ve not maxed anything out, then stick with the $5/month plan.

My use varies between 10 million and 40 million requests a month, so I nearly always pay over the $5. So I was looking to see if the new pricing would be more beneficial. CPU usage is very low with my scripts though.

Then I guess it’s time to bust out the calculator as you go through your analytics for the affected domains and the workers stats found in your Workers list.

That would be the part I’m struggling with - how to convert my current used requests and ms of CPU time into the pricing model for the unbound product. If you have any tips on how to do that I’d appreciate it!

It might be worth finding out of you can set up a billing alert. Currently, I don’t even think there are billing alerts for Workers Bundled (was called Unlimited, I believe).

Without the need for more RAM and/or more CPU time there is no need for Workers Unbound, they will be definitely more expensive (if you use Argo and the voice I heard about not being double charged for bandwidth, then it would make probably more sense and even maybe be cheaper).

It seems like they won’t support 128MB at launch from the discussion. Max CPU time limit 30s at start, possibly up to 15 minutes.

10M request, using 128MB of RAM for 50ms (current price 5$, limits maxed)

10M * 0.15$ / 1M = 1.50$
10M * 0.125GB * 0.05s * 12.5 $ / (1M * GB-sec.) = 0.78125$

There is a free allowance that includes 1M requests, 400000 GB-sec.
I presume there is a fixed fee, so the above example would be fixed fee + 1.35$.
Using 50ms per request, with 128MB of RAM, would max out the 400000 GB-sec. allowance with 64M requests which would be “fixed price + 9.45$”. On Workers Bundled it’s 32$, so we’ll see what the fixed price will be because it may be even cheaper if you are already paying for Argo. Bandwidth will make this not compare favorably.


How can we get into the Beta faster? We’ve signed up to the form.

You can’t get into it faster, lest you contact Cloudflare’s Enterprise sales team or are already an Enterprise customer.


Thanks, this is very helpful. I also revised the routes my workers run on which has reduced the number of requests I use, so I think I will be fine with the $5 plan for the foreseeable future :slight_smile:

Billing alerts for Workers usage are currently available and in beta: