Workers Unable to Redirect HTTP 302 Requests

Hi All,

We are currently using Cloudflare workers as a reverse proxy to redirect requests from a domain to another, similar to the below:

Client → Domain A → Cloudflare worker → Domain B

We are able to get most of the requests working normally, except for certain HTTP 302 requests.

Without using reverse proxy, these requests normally redirect users to another page on the domain e.g. from Domain A certain page → Domain A another page, where client will see a HTTP 302 return code during the process

However, when Cloudflare worker, the worker failed to redirect client successfully.

Client would still see a 302 HTTP return code from Worker (i.e. domain A), but the request was never actually redirected to the web server of domain B. Client therefore was not redirected normally.

Any hints or pointers on potential root cause of this situation, and how we could troubleshoot the problem?

Thanks guys.