Workers UI bug - not returning errors

Issue /1: I have 2 workers I am trying to assign to a route. In → Workers → Add routes, although it says the second worker was successfully added, it hasn’t in fact done so.

For example, " The Service zzz was assigned to the route ."

Reloading the page shows only the one route.

The console log shows errors such as “workers.api.error.duplicate_route” but the UI indicates success. Obviously from this I can see the same route cannot have multiple workers - bummer. But my point here is that the UI is reporting success instead of failure.

Issue /2: Going directly into the top level Workers → Overview → selecting a worker, I can then assign triggers. But I cannot select the zone at this stage as the dropdown does not contain all my zones. It seems to cut off after x entries and does not allow me any other way at that point to select my zone. It should, at least, be filterable and respond to key presses.