Workers throwing 429

Workers (bundled) hosted at are throwing 429 to well-intentioned clients.

I had previously raised a support ticket regarding this and the support executive had removed all zone+ip sub-request limit from the workers, resolving the issue:

But the issue has now reappeared, leading to a production outage.

I can see under Firewall → Activity Log that these events have worker as the rule ID.

I raised a ticket with Cloudflare, but it was autoclosed and I was asked to wait for 72 hours.

Please help me remove the rate limiting for these workers as this is causing a production downtime.

Thank you.

This has been escalated. Someone from Cloudflare will reach out here or in the ticket.

Do reply on the ticket to open it again, if it was closed.

@matteo We are having exactly the same issue, the ticket is here:

@vishnu3 I’ve responded to your ticket to get a bit more information internally so we can address this for you.

Have followed up with you there also.


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