Workers still firing even if i deleted the triggers

I have an issue with the works where after i have removed all triggers it still executes.

I was seeing something strange when i was receiving confirmation for 2 executions at the same time, so i decided to remove all triggers and see what happens, maybe i made a mistake and pushed the same worker on another account. My surprise came after i removed the trigger but the execution still showing in the Triggers tab.

Anyone has any ideas what is happening and how i can stop this ?

Is it still firing?

Iā€™d assume that triggers are also distributed, so it might take a few minutes before they are fully removed globally.

It is not happening, took about 1 hour to stop . The issue is that it could happen for the trigger to get fired 2 times at the same time, one of them being a previous version. That is what happened to me.

And it happens again, firing 2 times ā€¦

The Workers team is aware of cron triggers not behaving correctly and are working on deploying fixes for that in the near future.


Oh, nice! Thanks for pointing that out.

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