Workers sites: routing issue


Following the workers sites guide, I’m able to publish a site to workers dev. But, try putting that on the main domain, and wrangler reports a permissions error.

the error:

 Built successfully, built project size is 11 KiB.
Error:  There was an error fetching your project's routes.
 Status Code: 403 Forbidden
 Msg: {"success":false,"errors":[{"code":10000,"message":"Authentication error"}]}

workers.toml has this config (replacing my domain with “”):
name = “static-site”
type = “webpack”
account_id = “657…”
zone_id = “0dd…”
route = “*
workers_dev = false

bucket = "./public"
entry-point = "workers-site"

wrangler whoami prints my account’s e-mail address.

Someone else reported the issue here but it was closed because the submitter gave up--

I submitted a ticket but it looks stalled out. Any idea what could be going on?

Have you added the route and assigned the script to that route, on the domain in question? (Under Workers tab)

That gets the site up, thank you! Same error when running wrangler publish but at least things ultimately work. Looks like wrangler 1.7 doesn’t support the route key.

1.7 has some bugs, try with 1.8-RC1 and see if that helps.