Workers Sites request specific static URL returns 500


I have a static site, deployed via Wrangler to

If you visit it and inspect the requests, you’ll find only this specific request

is failing with 500 status and no response body. This happens also on wrangler dev and wrangler preview and I can not find further information even with DEBUG=true specified in the worker code. Using npx serve ./build, I can see all requests working and site behaves as expected.

Strange thing is, there’s a bunch of other similar requests and they all work fine. Looking for any clues for investigation.

Hmm, there actually is a response body

could not find web_modules/@babylonjs/core/materials/Background.js in your content namespace

The file actually exists under Did you upload it from a Windows machine? Could it be that you have some case issue in the file system here?

Thank you, I didn’t notice the capitalization error. So it has been working for some time with this typo. Haven’t used Windows machine, this was developed on and deployed from a Mac.