Workers Sites, Missing Images

Using Wrangler to deploy a static site, certain images that are present and displaying finally when I display the site locally do not seem to make it onto the Cloudflare version.

I am deploying the entire site using

wrangler publish --env prod

In one test site, the main logo does not appear. When I attempt to open the image in its own tab I get this error:

could not find img/logo.png in your content namespace

The image in question is 27 KB, and I removed all files above the Workers Sites limit of 2 MB before my first attempt to deploy.

Should I be deploying individual folders to make sure that everything gets uploaded?

I would appreciate any advice. I am excited by the potential of Workers Sites but am painfully aware that, at present, there appears to be no easy way to view what has actually been successfully uploaded.

Ah, the problem appears to be that Workers Sites is far more fussy about the use of capitals than Netlify, where I previously had this site.

Again, it would be a lot easier to troubleshoot this stuff if there was some sort of file list to see what Cloudflare has.