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I already read all publicly available information for Workers Sites - the Docs and these two blog posts:

But want to ask if someone from Cloudflare staff can reveal more technical information about the deployment process, especially what happens if I’m in the UK, I upload my static site and users from the US and Japan opened it?

Where psychically, the files are stored initially - on some sort of Cloudflare Storage Servers. If I upload 1GB data, do you really sync all these files to all 200 edges om real-time or only if someone from this region requests the specific file - after the First request from Edge Zone for specific File?

On your Blog post, I read - “This now allows us to, after the first read per location, cache the static assets in the Cloudflare cache so that the assets can be stored on the edge indefinitely.”

Indefinitely? If the file is not changed, this means you grab it once and store it to this edge, No matter users requested or not, but if they need it will be super fast without latency for download from the Origin? CDN cache usually removes infrequently accessed files.

I ask these questions because it’s simply hard to believe if you give 1GB Storage on every one of these 200 locations around the World for $0.50.

I mean Not just cache that sometimes is populated, some are expired and need to call roundtrip to the Origin location.

If this is true, this service Workers Sites, give some advanced possibilities for modern JAMstack web apps with super fast access on the edge close to every user worldwide!

Keep in mind that Cloudflare Sites are stored in Cloudflare Workers KV.

So every read/write/update/delete will have a cost.

See complete pricing here:

So requesting a file will count as both 1 Worker read + 1 KV read.

And every time you update a file, that also counts as a read, write, delete and probably listing too.

But you’re right, Cloudflare Sites and Workers are a real JAMstack dream come true.

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Yes I know this, but even with this pricing structure the service give unprecedented coverage all around the world and its not just cache, but real hosting for static assets and for this reason I ask for some clarifications - even Firebase Hosting use CDN and no put Everything on the edge :slight_smile:

From my perspective Workers Sites service is without any competition on the market right now!

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That’s not exactly true, but almost - especially if you consider the current pricing.

Worth noting that $0.50 is extremely expensive for 1GB, S3 charges $0.023 per GB in US-East and GCP $0.026 for multi-region.

But no, values aren’t put into every datacenter instantly. If you have no requests in Asia, chances are your files won’t be stored there.

Workers KV is generally good for use-cases where you need to write relatively infrequently, but read quickly and frequently. It is optimized for these high-read applications, only reaching its full performance when data is being frequently read. Very infrequently read values are stored centrally, while more popular values are maintained in all of our data centers around the world.

And AWS is in turn extremely expensive on the traffic, so I think in the end, it’s about the same or cheaper for Workers depending on what kind of workload (Videos not allowed, but images are).

In any case, if you have this kind of traffic you can surely afford most alternatives. I’d not stare myself blind on pricing here and instead focus getting something out.

Thank you! That is exactly what I want to know.

Basically, the whole thing works like a cache and not give any 100% guarantee that my content will be on every one of those 200 locations all the time and the system can drop it because it is infrequently requested on this particular edge pop and ask to origin ( add latency to request… ) when a user request is made.

Will be a good idea Cloudflare to edit this part because is misleading:

To be fair, even if it’s not at the edge - it doesn’t mean it would be slow, it would still fetch it through the very fast Cloudflare global network and go through a fast route. This really matters from China for example.


While this is true, the standard Workers Sites template uses the cloudflare cache to cache content longer than KV would, so not every single GET to your site results to a GET to KV.

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